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The NBA in the Classroom resources are designed to be flexible. They can each be downloaded and used as stand-alone lessons or personal development sessions, or selected resources can be combined into full off-timetable enrichment days.

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Why use NBA in the Classroom?


The NBA in the Classroom resources enable students to:

  • Be inspired in learning through the power of basketball on and off the court.
  • Understand that when they are guided by the right values, they can achieve more.
  • Build a Positive Mental Attitude that’s optimistic, resilient and focused around a growth mindset.
  • Develop basketball skills and reflect on the personal qualities and employability skills built through sport.
  • Explore a wide range of careers and develops their skills of creativity, numeracy, communication, teamwork and organisation.

“I couldn’t believe how engaged they were with the challenge, they really gave it their all. And they did some amazing presentations as well. Because of that, the way it’s set up made them really engaged. But also it ticked off so many skills that they could try out.”

– Taner Adu, PE department, Oakland’s school

Starter pack

Get Started Guide

Get started with our one-page guide to NBA in the Classroom.

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Teacher Information

General teacher guidance, including ways to use the resources across lessons or as a full enrichment ‘NBA Day’.

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Positive Mental Attitude Posters

Download our series of NBA in the Classroom posters to help inspire your students to be fearless and take their best shot at their goals.

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